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While this FAQ answers some common issues, please refer to our Terms Page for Terms and Procedures that govern our sales.

Frequently Asked Questions:


If I had registered with All star Auctions in the past and am on your mailing list must I register again?
YES! You need to re-register. This is an entirely new platform and we are not able to carry any information over to our new site.If you would like updates in the future or the ability to bid you need to register ASAP. Please take a moment and click this link.

Must I register again if I would like to alter my e-mail-address?

How can I change my User Profile?

How can I update my user information, my address, telephone number, etc?

What, if I have registered myself, but I did not get my registration email with the activation code?


Auctions sometimes coincide with conventions. Do I have to be at the convention to bid or buy?
NO! While we may have hundreds of items at our booths, all auction and Buy-It-Now items are available to be bid upon on-line or purchased (if you are the winning bidder) as long as they meet the reserve through our on-line auction system. So bid now and bid with confidence.

What is "Buy-It-Now"?


How do Dutch Auctions work?

Finding Items

How can I find a specific item, artist or title?

How can I find the Items I have bid on?

How can I find a listing by the Item Number?


How do I place a proxy bid? It looks like I can only place a Maximum Bid?

What happens when selling or buying auctions with a Minimum Price?

What is a bid increment?

After the Auction

How will I be notified after the auction ends?
A statement will be sent via email to both winning bidders and consignors. Allow 24 hours for statements as shipping costs need to be entered into the system. You can of course track your progress by signing into "Your Account"

All domestic shipments are sent third day FedEx unless we receive special instructions.
All shipments are sent Signature Required in order to be insured.

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