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Why did my bid jump up so high?

If you are the only bidder:
You are bidding in a Reserve Price Auction. A reserve price is the lowest price a seller is willing to sell the item for. It should be higher than the minimum bid price and is usually kept secret from buyers. If your maximum bid is equal to or higher than the seller's reserve, your bid is raised to meet it. For example, let's say the minimum bid amount is $15 and the seller's reserve is $50. If you place a maximum bid of $75, your bid will jump to $50 and the words "reserve met" will appear on your item's page.

Sellers use reserve prices to stimulate interest in their items. By starting the bidding lower and adding a reserve price, the item will generally receive more bids. Please note that if you bid on a Reserve Price Auction and your bid does not meet the reserve, you have no obligation to purchase the item from the seller.

If there is at least one other bidder:
There are two possibilities:

  1. You are bidding on a Reserve Price Auction and your maximum bid either met or exceeded the seller's reserve amount. See the paragraph above.
  2. Another bidder placed a higher maximum bid. When this happens, your bid will increase because All Star Auctions LLC bids on your behalf up to your maximum bid.