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2/18/18 6:45 PM
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Internet lag time- While we wish the system was infallible, unfortunately the reality of the Internet and auction scripting makes the process only near perfect. If you look at an item bid page you will notice there are distinct sides and elements to the page. The left side is a reading screen which sends a request for information and relays data back. Many factors affect the transmission speed of this data from Internet speed, path and ISP server volume. The bid portion of the screen is the send or write information function. A bid is entered and transmitted. This information has to be parsed and written to a database. The scripts for reading and writing do not run simultaneously therefore it is possible for a message to be "sent" and "received" by the user that does not fully reflect a split second of writing to the database. This situation can, during intense volume circumstances, result in a message not matching the eventual data. The system is totally automated but within 60 seconds everything is resolved. It is for this reason we discourage sniping and constant refreshing. A partially uploaded page anywhere along the path can be deceiving. In the event of such a situation the final outcome within 60 seconds of the close stands.
The way to avoid the situation is to use the Proxy (max) bid system which will automatically place bids on your behalf.