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Alex Raymond

The legendary William Randolph Hearst was accustomed to getting his way. When it came to the comics he loved, if he couldn't have the original he would have a "competing" title created. With the success of Buck Rogers it was only natural that Hearst and King Features would want a science-fiction feature but only better. Luckily they had noticed the work of one Alexander Gillespie Raymond

Alex Raymond is without question one of the top two professionals to have every worked in the medium. Whether you prefer Alex Raymond or Hal Foster the argument does not extend beyond the point. Combine impeccable anatomical artistic skills, incredible imagination, coupled with the ability to plot a compelling story and you define artistic genius. Alex Raymond quickly developed a framework within which he could launch a magical adventure. Flash Gordon soon became the benchmark for science fiction adventure and soon after appearing in January of 1934 was appearing in movie serials, books and licensed products.

Raymond began the feature with no holds barred as Flash crash lands on distant planets, meets beautiful women and battles everything from maniacal rulers to fantastic civilizations and creatures. It seemed that nothing was out of bounds and Raymond took every opportunity to entertain his readers. Every page contains a new element a new danger and battle scene. It was a weekly cliff hanger. By mid-thirty five things began to change. The story lines became tamer but the art was more embellished and posed. As the story goes Hearst's paramour Marion Davies did not like the violence in Hearts's comic features and asked that they be toned down. Do yourself a favor and read one of the compilations and enjoy.

Offered here is an example dated 3/1/1936. Many consider the 1935-36 to artistcally reflect Raymond at his best, incorporating a dry brush technique while focusing on perfecting the human form.

The art measures 20.25" X 25.5" is hand lettered and in excellent condition.

Bidding is currently open, auction ends Friday, October 12th 2012 beginning at 12:00 PM Eastern Standard Time.

Please note we will be exhibiting this along with hundreds of other items at the upcoming New York Comic Con, October 11th through the 14th, Booth # 1775. Come by and see all the great comics and art in this event, live.

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